Sometimes a client needs services that extend beyond the offerings of a typical commercial real estate company.  At Real Estate Dynamics, Inc. typical real estate brokerage activities are only part of what we offer.  Sometimes a client needs a counselor to advise them on issues related to real estate.


We were contacted by an individual who identified himself as the person who would soon be the President of a company that was to be created as a result of a leveraged buy out.  He explained that the corporation he worked for had agreed to sell his particular Division to a group of investors.  While excited about the prospects of his new company, this man realized that there would have to be some major changes since the Division had long relied on the Home Office for a variety of their service functions -- one of which was real estate.  Since the new company had extensive real estate assets they knew that they needed someone with a great deal of experience in this area.

Real Estate Dynamics, Inc. accepted the assignment and agreed to serve in the capacity of Consultant to teach existing construction department staff members about real estate, and to act as the company's real estate department during its transition period.  We directed the corporation's personnel in how to maintain real estate records and set up procedures for handling real estate related tasks.  As a new independently operating company, it was necessary for the client to close some stores and open others during this period.  We handled the disposition of the closed stores, and aided in the selection of new locations and negotiated their leases.


A Kansas City area community planned to solicit development proposals for a large tract of property, made up of over 90 separate ownerships.  Realizing the magnitude of this project, and feeling that local developers may not be able to handle it, Real Estate Dynamics, Inc. contacted the development arm of a major corporation.  This development group had experience in the development of major shopping centers all over the country, and had access to vast amounts of capital.  We explained the opportunity to them and convinced them to submit a proposal to the city.

Our client's proposal was accepted, and Real Estate Dynamics, Inc. was signed to a long term Consulting and Major Tenant Leasing Agreement.  In this capacity, we provided advise to the client on local issues, and negotiated with numerous major tenants, for both this development and another project being developed by the client.  Today, these two projects each contain approximately 500,000 sq. ft. of retail space, and are dominant forces in their individual geographic areas.


Real Estate Dynamics, Inc., and its individual staff members, have had responsibility for a wide range of development activities, ranging from the development of small buildings to large buildings, to shopping centers of several hundred thousand square feet.

The development of any commercial real estate project involves the coordination of a wide range of professional services.  If these professionals work efficiently, both individually and together, the project owner is going to save money and see the project completed on time.  However, this isn't always the case as many of the professionals involved in your project are going to be working on numerous other projects simultaneously.  Thus, each project needs someone involved who has your best interests at heart, and who puts those interests above those of all others involved in the project.

The owners' advocate follows up with the architect, engineer, surveyor, attorneys, contractor, city staff and elected officials, environmental auditor, etc. with the sole purpose of protecting the owners' interests.  This means coordinating the cooperation of the various professional service providers to help insure that the project moves forward as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  This careful coordination leads to cost savings and the timely completion of the project.

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