Buyer and Tenant Representation Services
Can you afford to take the time to become a Commercial Real Estate Expert? Not unless you are willing to sacrifice time from your business, profession or family! This is why local, regional and national companies have elected to utilize our Buyer and Tenant Representation Services. As your Agent, we work to get you the best possible price and terms.  In this capacity, we work for you -- not the property owner. Let us show you how our services can save you money while typically not costing you anything. Click here for more details on the benefits of this service.

Site Selection
The location of your business is one of the most important factors dictating its long term future. Don't make this decision without the advice of an experienced Real Estate Professional. Sound site selection practices, based on a well thought out Strategic Plan, are the key to your company's growth and prosperity. Whether your needs are for the development of a Strategic Plan for an entire region, or for the selection of a single location, Real Estate Dynamics, Inc. is ready to provide you with professional assistance. Click here to learn more about site selection. 

Often a company considering a real estate acquisition will choose to engage the services of an expert from outside the firm. Some of the reasons for this practice include:

Real Estate Dynamics, Inc. has extensive property acquisition experience. Properties acquired range from small tracts of land to large multiple parcel assemblages, and include a broad spectrum of improved properties. If you need discrete professional assistance with your next acquisition, we can provide it. Click here to learn more about how this service has been used by businesses expanding into new markets.

Sales and Leasing
The company and its staff have had extensive experience in the sale and leasing of a wide range of commercial properties. While active throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area we have also accept assignments in surrounding states, and have enjoyed success marketing corporate surplus properties for a variety of large companies. Learn more about how we market our listings.

Consulting Services
Occasionally, one of our clients comes to us with a request for service that does not fit into one of the more typical categories of services.  In these instances, it is not practical to charge the client a commission.  On these assignments we work with our clients on a consulting basis and charge only for the time spent rendering the desired service. Learn more about this service.


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